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martingaleFriday 06th of May 2005 06:30:59 PM
negative form - 2 questions - Can anybody help me?

It's easy to make negative form of the polite form '-imasu': -imasu -- -imasen (tabemasu-tabemasen, kakimasu-kakimasen...)

How to create negative form of casual forms like e.g. 'taberu', 'kaku', 'oyogu', 'nomu' etc...

Question 2:
How to negate imperative form? I mean:
tabete - eat!, nonde - drink!, kaite - write!
Sorry for weird question. How to say "don't eat!" or "don't drink" etc...
neo_phoneixSaturday 07th of May 2005 09:08:43 AM
negative plain forms - With the negative form of plain form verbs I pretty sure you just add ~nai like
食べない don't eat
飲まない don't drink
座らない don't sit
書かない don't write
But as you can see sometimes you have to add another sound before the ~nai.
Try that site and do a search for the very you want and it comes up with all the forms of that verb. It's very handy.

tomokaSaturday 07th of May 2005 07:33:59 PM
- Konnichiwa :)

As neo_phoneix-san wrote, to make nagative form, you add
"~nai". The form is "the stem of verb + nai"

taberu = to eat
tabe nai = (I/You/they...)don't eat
tabe ru na! = Don't eat
tabe ro / tabe te = eat! ... (imperative form)

nomu = to drink
no ma nai = (I/You/They...) don't drink
no mu na! = Don't drink
no me / no n de = drink! ... (imperative form)

suwaru = to sit
suwa ra nai = (I/You/They...) don't sit
suwa ru na! = Don't sit
suwa re / suwa tte = sit! ... (imperative form)

kaku = to write
ka ka nai = (I/You/They...) don't write
kaku na! = Don't write
ka ke / ka i te = write! ... (imperative form)

martingaleMonday 09th of May 2005 02:29:34 PM
. - ありがとうございます。:)