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iriswingSaturday 23rd of April 2005 07:05:52 AM
nihongo kaiwa partner - Hi, everyone.

Would anyone like to classroomxx with me either on Skype or MSN to work on Japanese together?

I lived in Kyoto for a year on university exchange (so SO awesome... go on exchange if you can!), and I'd really like to keep speaking. Just about any experience level would be fine. ..I used to tutor beginning Japanese in school, so I never get sick of "Yamada-san wa mainichi 7ji ni okimasu.." LOL.

Please email me: lttharris AT hotmail DOT com

and we can see about getting a little kaiwa going.


tomokaSaturday 23rd of April 2005 04:14:20 PM
- wow! It sounds great!

You'll give lots of great lessons to japanese learners here!

tanoshinde kudasai!(Have fun!)

monkeytamerFriday 06th of May 2005 08:55:00 PM
- argh... i cannot see what is wrong with
"Yamada-san wa mainichi 7ji ni okimasu.."
is it because of the 7 (shichi)?