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koneko13Saturday 09th of July 2005 11:41:27 AM
Online Learning - I have found THE BEST site I have come across in the many thousands of sites I have looked at in my ventures. It is cheap- 20$ gets you loads of courses, programs, games, movies, music- and the best type of learning I have seen. For those of you just starting and finding it hard to figure out where to start when learning kana, this is the anwser. It introduces 5-10 hiragana or katakana (your choice) in addition to the lesson, then they are used in the following lesson. They explain things a little at a time- with culture tips, grammar, vocab- and reinforces them with small quizes at each section. They also have a plethera of customizable games and tests you can do. They also have the funniest, most interesting learning videos out there I believe. It's truly a great thing.
Check it out!!
PsySunday 10th of July 2005 01:38:59 AM
- Well discovered. A talented student of Japanese I once met on skype regarded that site quite highly. Had I a better connection, I would take advantage of the movies, but as it is I can't. A shame, considering it's an area of my study that is sorely lacking. Perhaps, could you describe some of the shows and a few the points they make?
koneko13Sunday 10th of July 2005 02:38:37 AM
- They're mostly funny random shows. . .if you have seen the site then you know that they really aren't the biggest topics. . I've seen only the George and Keiko shows and the thing about those is that Keiko only speak japanese and George speaks english some of the time so if you're not fluent then you're not intirely lost. They are a very good learning tool. . .it's a shame you can't watch them. Though the whole idea is just to get yourself acclimated to hearing the accent and recoginzing the words that you do know and how they should sound. You can achieve the samae idea through a japanese radio station (you can get many on real player). So do not dispair.
Hope I was of help.
PsyTuesday 12th of July 2005 01:10:21 PM
- Thanks thanks. I'll be sure to keep that in the back of my head until I get a better connection. I'm not quite ready for 'net radio yet, but if you can find some good stations, please continue to post here.