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PsyFriday 18th of February 2005 10:29:36 AM
Sentence Trouble - Ahoy there, folks. Came across this sentence in on one of my many 日本語 studying expeditions. Can't quite figure it out. Hope one of you fine folks can enlighten me:

for the Japanese-text impaired out there it's:
sekai ga heiwa de mazushii hito demo chanto ikite ikeru youni shitai na to omotteimasu.

I have a lot of ideas on what this might mean, but why speculate?

Many thanks in advance.
tomokaFriday 18th of February 2005 11:02:12 AM
- konnicchiwa,

If I translate the sentence,

I wish the world peace and I speculate that I might be able to do something
for helping people who are suffering in living poverty.

I'm not sure whether it's a good translation in English or not though...
As you can speak japanese very good, I think you can understand what I meant.

In my opinion, the person who wrote it doesn't know
what he/she can do, the thought is still vague, but he/she WISH world peace and try to find the answer
what he/she can do for the world.

does it make sense?

PsyFriday 18th of February 2005 12:37:35 PM
- Thank you very much. I think I understand the meaning, but would you please explain the「な」in 「なと思っています」and the meaning of 「生きていける」? I have encountered them before but still I am having difficulty.
tomokaFriday 18th of February 2005 02:59:05 PM
- と思っています :

思っている = I think(I'm thinking of ~) 
な = なあ = I hope/I wish (I could)
できたらな(あ)= I wish I could

= I wish I could (actually) meet you...(people talk online often say like this)

The な indicates the wish which is hardly realized, or
it's used when we ask for a help moderately.

while they're talking online:
I wish I could meet you now.

To a co-worker who work only on weekdays:
I wish you could help my job on Sunday.

It sounds soft, and sounds like "I know it's maybe impossible though..."

生きていける = 生きていく事ができる = keep living
it has two meanings like in physically or in mentally

in physically, it shows food, clothing and shelter.
in mentally, it shows to take an education, find a job,
to support everything (to live).

We cannot live without water.

We have to earn money to live.

PsySaturday 19th of February 2005 08:19:08 AM
- あ、やっぱりそうですか! ありがとうございました, tomoka先生。 I would not have known for certain without your explanations. By the way, how do you write your name(nickname?) in kanji? Surely not just me, but I think other learners who come here would be interested to know.

Perhaps my Japanese is awkward. Oh well, thanks again!
tomokaSaturday 19th of February 2005 09:39:52 AM
- こんにちわPsyさん、どういたしまして!

The Kanji 知 means knowledge or intelligence
The Kanji 果 means result or fruits

知果 means the fruits of the intelligence :D least, my parents hope so ;)


kuzzywuzzySaturday 19th of February 2005 11:40:32 AM
- 知果さん、

I was curious about this as well!

tomokaSunday 20th of February 2005 08:27:24 PM
- ありがとう :)

If you're interested in it, you can have a nickname
in Kanji :)

kuzzywuzzyMonday 21st of February 2005 02:50:30 AM
- はい! :D

My real name means "gift from God". What would be a good equivalent in Kanji?

tomokaMonday 21st of February 2005 09:55:20 AM
- gift from God...

It can translate literally 神様からの贈物

天(てん) heaven, sky
天恵(てんけい)the grace of God
天賦(てんぷ) natural, inherent
天地(てんち) heaven and earth

There are some ways to decide your nickname,
1. to decide by your real name
2. to decide by the pronunciation of your name
3. to decide by choosing Kanji you like
4. to decide by your image
okay, I'll talk to you later :D