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CroppyBoy722Saturday 26th of March 2005 01:43:44 PM
Studying Japanese - Sure, there are tons of resources out there, but how do you use them?
I know it sounds like a stupid question, but what I mean is; how do you study and learn japanese? How do you memorize everything? What are somethings some of you have done to make it easier?
ancsisanSunday 29th of May 2005 01:56:33 PM
Learning Japanese - There are two things that work for me:
1. cards: e.g. you take a little card, write the word in kanji on one side, the reading and meaning on the other and just practise, practise, practise everywhere, I practise even while on my way to the universtiy / work, waiting in lines, etc... making cards is a little time-consuming but it's worth it ... oh, and if you're lucky, you can even buy pre-printed cards, e.g here there is a possibility to buy such cards with the kanjis printed on them necessary for the four levels of the Nouryoku shiken (international Japanese language exam)
2. listening&learning by heart: sometimes it is worth memorizing the listening texts-at least it works for me:)

AxystosSunday 29th of May 2005 05:42:14 PM
- I also (try to) practise kanji on a regular basis, but sometimes I noticed that when you haven't seen a particular kanji for a while, I forget the way how it was written. This is very frustrating.
PsyMonday 30th of May 2005 08:23:05 AM
- If you're doing flash cards with kanji, it's best to write them yourself. That way it will be less problematic remembering the stroke order. Once you've done around 1,000 of them-- aside from being utterly sick of it-- the drawing of all but the strangest characters will become intuitive.

Regarding study methods, the best option is to have constant exposure to the language. Considering 99% of the learners here don't have that, studying Japanese-- as I've become rather fond of pointing out-- is a royal pain in the navy-blue. What to do? Speak and listen as often as possible. Don't try to learn everything at once. It's better to learn one verb conjugation, a use of a particle, and two or three words at a time then to try packing a way two or three chapters of difficult grammar in a sitting. There is a proverb that goes chiri mo tsumoreba yama to naru. Small things add up-- and it's true.
krisguyMonday 04th of July 2005 11:54:30 PM
- I'm forcing myself to use whatever spare time I have to learn on my own. For example, I have a kanji book that I read between calls and on breaks at work, plus I have various audio lessons stored on my iPod for quick listens to and from work, and on breaks.