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emmeniteMonday 03rd of January 2005 10:45:26 AM
Teach me - I speak English and want to learn Japanese and the Japanese culture so it would be great if you lived in Japan but if not it's ok. I am willing to help with your English.
My AIM is link155432 so please IM me.

HyacinthGardenTuesday 04th of January 2005 11:08:58 AM
- Looking around the board, there are lots of opportunities to start learning Japanese. I’ll link you to a few of the threads in case you can’t find them.

Japanese Lesson:

Also, you could try posting in the “Language Students” discuss, asking for a Japanese teacher there:

I think it would be a good idea to wander around the board, look for people who speak Japanese and PM them asking for a bit of help. No harm done if they say no as long as everyone’s gracious about the matter. You should also look for threads started by people who also want to learn Japanese; the people replying to those threads may be particularly willing to teach you.
noryangMonday 10th of January 2005 08:44:31 AM
considering you don't know japenese i'll say this - Hara guzuchi o tataku na