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aztec_noFriday 30th of May 2003 03:49:18 AM
Texts in Japanese -

I'm a newbie to the Japanese language, so I was wondering if anyone knew about any site with texts in romaji to train on.
jeffFriday 27th of June 2003 01:09:11 PM
yea I know - yea, er ah... perhaps.... this one.
ansharSunday 28th of September 2003 12:22:32 AM
- other than that, try
Technokid88Monday 27th of October 2003 02:31:12 PM
xxxxxxxx - I need to know if any body is on right now...
SATORIBOYTuesday 04th of May 2004 03:00:13 AM
- why not learn hiragana and katakana?