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Nip_TuckThursday 23rd of December 2004 01:33:34 PM
Traveling to Japan - If you are going there for the first time and have no clue or have little knowledege of Japan and it's language. Talk to me. I went there last summer as a foreign exchange student. I stayed with a host family. Trust me, The only thing I knew about Japan when I went there was minimal, and after I came back I know a ton of stuff, not much about the language, but enough to get around. So, write anything you would like to know about Japan, and I'll try to answer it.
PsySunday 02nd of January 2005 10:21:31 AM
- Sure, I have one.

When entering someone's house as a guest-- when do you say shitsurei shimasu/ojama shimasu? When you cross the door into the genkan, or after you take your shoes off and step up into the house?