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Inu_LuverThursday 11th of November 2004 11:52:54 AM
um, can sum1 teach me... - Hey, can someone help me learn japanese?
MakiFriday 12th of November 2004 05:56:44 PM
- I can help you out with learning Japanese.
It is my mother tongue.

If you have specific questions, post them here.
I (or other members) will try to help you out.

*I thank administrator/moderator who has moved this message here. I didn't noticed it until it is moved.
Inu_LuverFriday 12th of November 2004 07:41:34 PM
Thanks! - Ok, well i dont have any questions at the moment, i have just started in an interest in Japanese, so we can help each other out! If you have msn, we could talk more directly. You could help me with the basics, and i could help you too. thanks a bunch,