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krisguySunday 26th of June 2005 09:02:47 PM
Using Linux to type in kanji - I've been playing with language support in Linux and Windows so I can type kanji with a good idea of what I'm typing with a .us keyboard. A full tutorial coming soon!

共有賀と五時余す - I hope the kanji came out right!
PsyMonday 27th of June 2005 03:23:06 AM
Stumped - I can read it, but what on earth does it mean?
Monday 27th of June 2005 07:52:08 AM
- [quote]Originally posted by Psy

I can read it, but what on earth does it mean?[/quote]

Then I didn't get it to come out right, again I'm still learning.
krisguyMonday 27th of June 2005 07:54:36 AM
- Then it didn't come out right, but I'm still learning.
PsyMonday 27th of June 2005 10:28:40 AM
- I went and toyed around with the readings of those characters. I don't suppose you wanted to write doumo arigatou gozaimasu? If so, then the proper kanji writing of it is どうも有り難う御座います, but it is extremely rare. 99.9% of the time it's written in kana.

Be careful that you know what you're writing when you type kanji. People will wonder what you're thinking if you write, say, 学校で感じを倣っています when you mean 学校で漢字を習っています, even though they're pronounced essentially the same way.
krisguyMonday 04th of July 2005 11:48:12 PM
- No, the problem was the IME had a really small font, and I selected the wrong kanji.

BTW, I switched to WindowMaker as my window manager for X, and now I can add jp input to any program with an additional command when I start it up. I'm working on screen shots and a tutorial for SuSE 9.3 Pro, if anyone is interested.
PsyTuesday 05th of July 2005 10:12:22 AM
- While I'm not a linux user (though I'm technically a UNIX user, as I use Mac OSX), if you're interested in contributing, I could include your tutorial as content on my upcoming website.
krisguyThursday 07th of July 2005 08:33:56 AM
- I'm acutally going to start blogging on my website, I also planning on posting my tutorial there, once I figure out printing in Japanese with CUPS.