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JenkieFriday 28th of May 2004 12:02:56 PM
Wanna learn Japanese - Hi,

I'm a 15 year old danish guy.
I really wanna learn japanese. I only know some basics, I can teach danish in repay (though I doubt anyone wanna learn it ^^)
Just contact me.
ShelleThursday 10th of June 2004 10:58:11 AM
Danish - I don't speak Japanese but I really wanna learn both Danish and Japanese. I saw you speak Danish..please teach me. I know Spanish, not really interesting, but yea. well you know what to do..ttyl,
JenkieThursday 10th of June 2004 11:41:18 AM
Sure - Hey Shelle, I'm sorry I can't send you a mail or anything but I couldn't get the log in thingy working so I'll just have to write to you here. Can you please send me a mail or add me to your msn msngr or something? My mail is:

And btw, I'll gladly learn you danish!
LalalitaSunday 27th of June 2004 03:51:16 PM
- I don't speak Japanese eithier but I am at beginner's level French and could possibly help in Spanish (I used to be fluent five years ago but now I haven't used it much since however I still pronounce it very well.) I was wondering if you could help me learn Danish. I am part Danish and I would like to learn the language to "get back to my roots."