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hsarkWednesday 06th of October 2004 03:09:26 AM
want to learn japanese basics - hey i want to learn the basic to japanese as this is my first attempt what should i try first ? and if anybody can personal help me that would be great
zarkannWednesday 06th of October 2004 06:32:25 AM
- Ohayo gozaimasu !

Well to learn Japanese it will take a while.. especially if you've never learnt any asian language (or any language else english)

there is what you will need...

tools like :

-grammar book
-verbs book
-dictionary (two way)
-audio book (pimsleur is very good)
-flashcard (small blank card that look like professional card)
-newspaper (only one can be good)

-friends that talk the target language

first, i suggest you to read all the grammar book before doing anything else.. In any language, you have to know what you do before talking.. else why you will say sometime 'wa' and the other time 'ga'

then, you can start to do the 5 first lessons from the textbook... write all words that you see on those lessons to flashcards. and learn them before going further.

after you have learnt the five first lessons from the textbook, get the audiobook and learn the five first lessons. write all new words on flashcards

-rememorise your flashcards all the time... when you are in the the banq..anytime you have noting to do...

then you can learn the first set of hiragana. Put them on flashcards (first set would be a,e,i,o,u,ka,ke,ki,ko,ku,sa,shi,su,se,so,ta,chi,tsu,te,to,na,ni,nu,ne,no,ha,hi,fu,he,ho,ma,mi,mu,me,mo,ya,yu,yo,ra,ri,ru,re,ro,wa,o,n,m). Those take some time to learn but is not very hard to get them into memory :P

after, you take your phrasebook and you can read the few first page.. you are not obliged to learn it by heart.. you know, you will know them with practice. i suggest you to learn the basic introduction phrases like "Onamae wa nan desu ka", "watashi wa Kisoshi desu", "dozoo yoroshiku" etc..

then you can get the newspaper and get an article.. then you take the first paragraph and you underline all words that you don't know and you search them in the dictionary and the grammar book. Write all the words that you dont know on flashcards. after youve finish that you will understand the paragraph and you will be proud.

Then you can start conversation with a japanese mate and practice your introductions :)

then you continue with the textbook.. etc..

i'm sure that you will have alots of fun learning Japanese :)

dont hesitate if you have any questions.

dewa mata

hsarkWednesday 06th of October 2004 10:38:35 AM
- thanks for the help but i don't know any body who speaks japanese most of them speak korean or english but ill sort out that problem when i get there but do a good text book i can get ?
zarkannThursday 07th of October 2004 05:30:06 AM
- Hiya

well you can get "learn japanese in 10 minutes a day", it's very basic but very good and easy to follow, especially for a student that don't know anything in the target language.

and about the native speakers.. try to get a look on 'skype' is a "voice over internet" program and you will find alots of Japanese.. i'm using this program to practice with them.. the voice is very clear btw if you have an high speed internet conection.