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LorenScalesThursday 07th of October 2004 12:36:28 PM
want to learn japanese - i really can't find anyone, who can teach me japanese my school is a languages college and they wont get me a teacher to teach me japanese, anyone have any useful websites that i can use to help me or any pen pals.
AnyaThursday 07th of October 2004 01:15:17 PM
- Hello Loren,
Welcome to PhraseBase!
Although I can't help you with Japanese directly, I know of several people that know, teach and study Japanese on here and that can help you!

Gutes--lives in Japan and has been giving us excellent lessons. He is in classroomxx a lot and can help with pronounciation.
Zarkann--has made a good series of lessons in Japanese discuss (you may want to post there also) and he is learning the language currently.
Nikii--is an excellent resource as well, she is learning the language and is very helpful.

Good luck in your learning, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!