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sukottoSaturday 26th of July 2003 09:11:46 PM
where is everyone? - so many members but, few posts...humm?? i live in osaka shi..and i'm looking for a language partners..i like everything about japan especially the Hanshin Tigers...i want to learn japanese(i'm american),,,where is everyone??? is there anyone from Osaka out there???
mikefishThursday 02nd of October 2003 02:43:27 AM
- Hello there!
I flew in through Osaka on my way here to Okinawa. But I can't really say I've "been" there. I work at the Base Exchange on Kadena Air Base. I have a lot of Okinawan coworkers and they teach me some Japanese. I also took private lessons for about 5 months, maybe more. I am excited about talking to others who live in Japan and are excited about learning the language. A lot of military folks don't care about the culture or anything. Well, gotta go for now.