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The BattousaiWednesday 15th of September 2004 07:54:24 PM
Wont sombody help me - It would be of a big help if someone would consider being my penpal in order for me to learn japanese. In exchange i can teach spanish or english.
zarkannMonday 20th of September 2004 06:19:50 PM
- Yay, Spanish ! :) wich Spanish you know ? i'm learning the Spanish from Spain actually alots easier than the Lat. Amer. Spanish lol

The BattousaiTuesday 21st of September 2004 04:48:01 PM
You say you can help me? - Well actually i know and I was taught spanish from my native country Mexico. It is very similar to the one in Spain. I would be happy to help if you help me.
zarkannMonday 04th of October 2004 08:10:35 AM
- well i'm not a teacher.. but i can help you if you want :)

well i dont want to be off subject, but latin american spanish is different.. did you spoke with a spanish from spain ? you pronounce your b, v very diferently :) but of course, latin american spanish is most popular than the spanish from spain in America.