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animekingFriday 10th of September 2004 06:34:23 PM
WOULD LIKE japanese penpal - ^_^
i would like a japanese speaking penpal,i would really like to learn!
zarkannMonday 20th of September 2004 06:27:49 PM
- Konban wa animeking!

You dont actually need a Japanese penpal to learn :) you can learn it by your own.. and by the time i'm sure that you will find few native to help you ! If you want to hear/understand japanese, you can try first the Pimsleur method.. because even if you find a japanese native, if you don't know anything you will not be able to speak with him and he will speak in English. Also, he will get bored before you got 2 or 3 lessons.. look in this discuss, i wrote few nice trick to learn it fast and easy ;) (well Japanese is not that easy but at least you will understand more from this than from a Japanese penpal who don't know how to teach :)

If you need any more informations/tricks let me know

dewa matta !