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doogensThursday 06th of January 2005 07:26:24 AM
I want to learn Khmer - I would like to learn to speak and write Khmer over the internet. I'm not sure if I should be using an online course (with sounds) or a teacher.
avonleanThursday 14th of April 2005 05:02:36 AM
maybe - i don't know if what i'll say will be very useful, but i write
for the alphabet you can check here
it's french website, but it's good if you want to learn the alphabet, then when your click on a letter, you listen to the sound, so i think it's good -> it's too a good link i think
i give you some others links, then i think they will be more useful than me ^ ^:
- -> this website is in french, however you can write in english, there is any problem, you will have always an answer
(les jeunes khmers -> the young khmer (in France for the most)
however you know like me the better is always when you can practice the language...but if you begin to learn by yourself it's already a beginning, so that can be only great ^ ^
enjoy ^ ^

wizdomSaturday 16th of April 2005 03:08:37 AM
- nice links avonlean...

hey doogens, do you speak even a bit of khmer? if so, maybe we can help each other out. let me know!