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dorozdTuesday 31st of May 2005 02:39:00 PM
Hi Daristani! - You know materials to learn Zaza Kurdish?
where in net?

daristaniWednesday 01st of June 2005 09:09:26 PM
Materials for Zazaki - There's not much, but I think I can find the URL of some lessons in Turkish and in German. (There are, or at least were, two versions available.) It may take me a bit of time to find them; in the meantime, do you speak Turkish or German? (I'm not aware of hardly any materials on Zazaki, either on-line or in terms of books, written in any languages other than Turkish or German.) The new Kurdish phrasebook shortly to be published by Hippocrene Books, however, is supposed to have a Zazaki section.

In any event, give me a few hours and I'll try to give you what information I can dig up.