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MahmutMonday 04th of April 2005 02:26:46 PM
Kan somebody translate this? - Hey... would anyone please translate these words into kurmanji for me? :)

These words:

thank you
and you...?
good day
Im watching Television
Im listening to music
Im eating
Im talking on the phone
Im not doing anything right now
im bored
im am in/at the ....
you are beautiful
you look like a princess
i dont like you
i dont like him/her
what's your name
how old are you
where are you going
what are you going to do today?
was it fun?
see you
i have missed you
i have also missed you
me too
you are an idiot
let's meet
daristaniSaturday 23rd of April 2005 10:33:49 PM
Translation of Kurdish phrases (Kurmanci) - I only saw this request this morning, and have just sent Mahmut a response, with apologies for the delay. Hoping some others might be interested as well, I'm posting my response here as well:

Here are the answers to your phrases in standard Kurmanci Kurdish, such as will be understood by Kurmanci-speaking Kurds from Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, etc. The Iraqi Kurds who speak the Bahdinani version of Kurmanci use different expressions for many of these, but will probably understand all of these. Im assuming you know the pronunciation of the various letters in the standard Kurmanci Latin alphabet, and hope that they make it without being turned into gobbledygook in cyberspace.

Hello merheba (on telephone elo or alo)
Yes bel er (either is possible)
No na
thank you spas (thank you very much is gelek spas or zor spas)
and you...? tu
goodmorning roj baş
goodnight şev baş
good day roj baş
Im watching Television ez li telewizyon temaşe dikim
Im listening to music ez guhdariya muzk dikim
Im eating ez xwarin dixwim
Im talking on the phone ez li telefon daxivim
Nothing tu tişt
Im not doing anything right now ez niha tu tiştek nakim
Im bored ez aciz im
I am in/at the .... ez li () me
you are beautiful tu bedew
you look like a princess tu li prensesek dişib
I dont like you ez ji te hez nakim
I dont like him/her ez ji w hez nakim (for him) ez ji w hez nakim (for her)
what's your name nav te i ye?
how old are you tu end sal ?
where are you going tu di kuder
what are you going to do today? tu ro i dik
was it fun? Baş b?
see you person leaving says bi xatir te person staying says oxir be
okay dibe (baş e is also possible)
I have missed you min briya te kiriye (I miss you (now) is Ez briya te dikim)
I have also missed you min j briya te kiriye
me too ez j (if speaking in the present tense) min j (if speaking in the past tense and using a transitive verb)
you are sweet tu şrn

here are a couple more useful expressions not on your list

how are you? awa y
Im fine baş im
Fine, good baş
My name is nav min () e
Good evening var baş