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daristaniThursday 02nd of June 2005 02:08:10 AM

Zaza Dil Kursu: 30 page of lessons in Zazaki (Dersim dialect), written in Turkish, as a PDF file:

A German version of these lessons:

Zazaca Kurs: 14 brief lessons written in Turkish:

Some articles in German regarding Zazaki:

Zaza Language discuss (mostly in Turkish or Zazaki, but with some postings in German or English):


I know of no easily available “textbooks” to learn Zazaki in any language.

There are two large reference grammars of Zazaki, both written in German for philologists, and both rather heavy going unless your German is quite good:

One of these is: Zilfi Selcan: Grammatik der Zaza-Sprache. Nord-Dialekt. Berlin: Wissenschaft und Technik Verlag, 2000. xiii + 730 pages. ISBN 3-928943-96-0.

A lengthy review in English by linguist Geoffrey Haig can be read at:

The other is: Ludwig Paul: ZAZAKI. Grammatik und Versuch einer
Dialektologie Dr. Ludwig-Reichert Verlag. 366 pages. Wiesbaden,

Both these grammars have bibliographies of earlier works on Zazaki.

There is also a dissertation on Zazaki grammar in English by Terry Lynn Todd, which is rather thin: Trery Lynn Todd: A Grammer of Dimili. Also Known as
Zaza. University of Michigan, 1985. Second Edition, August 2002, in Sweden, Iremet Förlag, ISBN Nr.:91-973977-0-9.
Adress: Iremet Förlag: Box 4014, 12804 Stockholm,

Finally, there are a number of small Zazaki-Turkish dictionaries that have been published, most rather small and of dubious quality, available through on-line bookstores in Turkey such as Pandora ( Some of these are:

* Vate Calisma Grubu, Türkce-Kirmanca(Zazaca) Sözlük Istanbul, 2001
* Mesut Özcan, Zazaca-Türkce Sözlük. Istanbul, 1997
* Mehmeht Aydar, Zazaca-Türkce Sözlük. 2003

There are also two reference grammas in written in Turkish, not easily obtained:

Gıramere Zazaki, by Fahri Pamukçu, published by Tij Yayınları in Istanbul in 2001, 432 pages
Türkçe Açıklamalı "Kırmancca (Zazaca) Gramer", by Munzur Çem, published by Deng Yayınları in Istanbul, 357 pages

dorozdThursday 02nd of June 2005 02:34:24 PM
Thank you - Thank you so much. I native speaking polish language and little english. I learn now turkish but little materials in net (polish-turkish). I must translate (interpret) it materials - for english to polish and confront english, polish and turkish. After only I can teach kurdish (translate turkish for kurdish).
I dont know what I have make.
I dont what you understand now.

thank you,
dorozdThursday 02nd of June 2005 02:52:01 PM
I find... - there is illustrations and recording voice'