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gaudrySunday 20th of February 2005 04:06:23 PM
Cree Lesson 2! - Visitor: Kkwn ma?
what / this one(in.)
What's this?

Resident: Cmn ma, nhtwiy ocmn.
canoe / this one, / my father / his canoe
This is a canoe, my father's canoe.

skaw patisiw ta.
sometimes / he works / here
Sometimes he works here.

nikwiy mka shwpihk ishi-otamw
my mother / but / at the store / she is busy there
But my mother is busy at the store.

wpac mshkc shokwanihk ta-ihtw
soon / perhaps / at the wharf / she will be
Perhaps she will be at the wharf soon.

Visitor: nsta ma? kkwan ma?
and / this / what / this
And this? What is this?

Resident: apwoy awa. nists otapwoya.
paddle / this(an.) / my older brother / his paddle
This is a paddle, my older brother's paddle.

tn'shinihksoyin mka kla?
what is your name / but / you?
But what is your name?

Visitor: Ssan n'tishinihkson. N'tohkolon-iskww nla.
Susan / my name is / I am a nurse / I
My name is Suasan. I'm a nurse.

Tnt'tohtyan mka anohc?
where are you going / but / right now
But where are you going now?

Resident: ay'hw . . . wpac shwpihk n'ka-itohtn.
well, uh / soon / to the store / I will go
Well . . .I'll be going to the store soon.

Visitor: mkwc. wciy.
Thank you. Good Bye.

Resident: wciy.
gaudryMonday 21st of February 2005 07:49:15 PM
more Lesson 2 conversation - Not John, but his father - Annie and Emily arrive at the wharf, and this conversation takes place:

miliy: tn'htiyan anohc k-kshikk?
how are you faring / now / which is day
How are you today?

niy: nspic nimilopalin
very (much) / I'm getting along well
Very well.

ihtw n Cwn ta?
he is / ? / John / here

miliy: mla. htwiya mka wpac ta ta-ihtliwa.
No / his father / but / soon / here / he2 will be
NO. But his father will be here soon.

niy: tpw n? tashhkliwa n htwiya ta anohc?
really / ? / he lives / ? / his father / here / now
Really? Does his father live here now?

miliy: mla nikisklihtn.
not / I know (it)
I don't know

skaw mka patisiliwa ta nititelihten
sometimes / but / he works / here / I think (it)
Sometimes he works here though, I think.

ostsa mka mawpiliwa ta.
his older brother / but / he2 is visiting / here
His older brother is visiting here though.

Pta ishinihksoliwa.
Peter / His name is
His name is Peter.

niy: wpac mshkc ta-kww Cwn
soon / maybe / he will go home / John
Perhaps John will go home soon

miliy: shay pci-nkosliwa oshma nsta mka omisa.
now / they2 come into view / his younger brother / and /but / his older sister
You can see his younger brother and older sister coming this way now.

shwpihk ohtohtliwa.
at the store / they2 are coming from