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tinkerbTuesday 11th of January 2005 05:26:40 AM
Interested in learning... - Would like to improve: Quichua (Ecuador) and Yucatec Mayan

Would like to learn at least the basics of: Aymara and Guarani

If given the opportunity I would learn: Mapuche, Shuar and (possibly) Kuna
AnyaTuesday 11th of January 2005 12:39:16 PM
- Tink,
Let's start to develop language trees in this discuss category. What would you recommend to start with and which branches to focus on?

If there are native speakers out there, please let us know and contribute your thoughts as would be great!
CarameliciousTuesday 15th of February 2005 03:14:39 AM
- I would like to learn the Cherokee Language of Tsalagi
gaudryMonday 21st of February 2005 10:54:07 AM
- well, there's a bit of Cree basics up now.

If there were interest I also have some Nahuatl (Aztec) resources I could dip into.
tinkerbWednesday 23rd of February 2005 12:26:12 PM
If you have Nahuatl resources, dip into them!! I'd absolutely love some lessons. :)
msdesignaWednesday 06th of April 2005 09:29:17 AM
Creek Nation (Muskogee) - I would love to learn this language as it is nearly dead and rarely spoken. It's tough to find peeps who know anything about it!