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IlopeorecThursday 26th of August 2004 08:19:18 PM
chinese.. - hello everyone.i come from china,a little english,french,and greek..and farsi "it's a bbs on language in chinese.anyone wants to learn chinese?hehe,my english is very poor,,and i'm 14 now..
IlopeorecSaturday 28th of August 2004 12:04:15 PM
- haha,you know a little Chinese?!do you know how to write it? i posted you an e-mail,,add me in?
antihbmWednesday 27th of October 2004 02:57:22 AM
teacher! - can you help me to learn ???
IlopeorecSaturday 30th of October 2004 10:32:51 AM
- o, glad to know you want chinese,sure!
freistilerSaturday 27th of November 2004 02:12:12 PM
teacher ^---^ please help me - hey! here is an another guy who wants to learn Chinese! ni hao, zenme yng? I'm from Turkey, 15 years old, and I really want to learn Chinese. Please help me with it. ( by the way, do you also know Cantonese? I would really love to know more Cantonese)
Thanks! Zi jian!

P.S. = ( I can help you with learning Turkish if you're inerested. I'm also studying Japanese by myself for a long time so maybe I can help you with it too^^.)
IlopeorecSaturday 27th of November 2004 04:49:09 PM
- no problem!!do you have an e-mail?

IlopeorecSaturday 27th of November 2004 04:50:15 PM
- i don't know Cantonese,but my father're only one year older than me!
tk101Sunday 12th of December 2004 05:24:30 AM
teacher - Hello I need some one to help me with my mandarin studies.
i am at the intermediate level in grammar. I still need help in grammar, sentence structure, listening and conversations.

xie xie
trishSunday 12th of December 2004 10:40:02 PM
- may be I can...too bad this site does not support the actual Chinese characters, otherwise the exchange can be more fun because Chinese characaters are actually symbols that depict the meaning of the words, so i guess we can use the alpha-phonetic based han yu pin yin, not quite the same though.
some1gurlFriday 31st of December 2004 07:46:26 AM
hai..... - i'm from malaysia..just wanna know ..i really like to learn mandarin ....could anyone teach me this language
orion106Monday 24th of January 2005 02:29:25 AM
hi - if you could possibly help me learn chinese it would be most greatful i only speak english if your interested add me at
eklypzeThursday 27th of January 2005 11:23:21 PM
Hi! - I would like to learn Mandarin too.. =D.. I am willing to help you improve your English in exchange.. my e-mail is if u are interested..