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GrisoThursday 10th of February 2005 05:18:08 PM
English and Italian, wanna learn Japanese - as the subject says...
Atopines_ArsenicSaturday 19th of March 2005 10:31:53 AM
i would like to learn - i would like to learn japanese. I'm a little confusued by the topic. does it mean you want to learn one of those two languages and teach japanese? or that you teach all three?
gabrieljpSaturday 26th of March 2005 06:07:16 AM
teach japanese - I can help u with japanese....
send a pm, ok?

elvita_wSaturday 02nd of April 2005 04:28:44 PM
yes - i think i can help u with japanese. i'm a japanese teacher
send me pm
Rivane882Thursday 14th of April 2005 05:29:18 AM
Please - I would like to learn japaneese as well can you or someone help me. Please, Por favor, kudasai.
japaneseotakuMonday 18th of April 2005 08:44:17 PM
I would love to learn Japanese - Pls help!!! I wanna learn Japanese!
KalugSunday 08th of May 2005 05:08:55 AM
I wanna learn ITALIAN.. - I can help you woith Polish, English and German.
I would like to learn Italian.... If you want to help me send me an e-mail. and my skape: Lukasz555
mika0801Wednesday 01st of June 2005 12:03:59 PM
- Hi i'm mika! i'm a japanese. i have a site to teach japanese but it has jsut started and we need more members!
the address of site is
i'm waiting your joinging here. there'll be many informantion which can know from jsut my view. a young girl's, your teacher at school will never know... have a good learning of japanese. while you're guest you don't see anything so, please be member and have a good time there!