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bancoMonday 21st of February 2005 09:45:29 PM
English language - I looking for English teacher. I'am disponible to teacheing
Italian language in change English language, or to Classroomting
only in English. Sorry for my bed English.
ClampMonday 21st of February 2005 10:29:16 PM
- Hi Banco. I'm here for the same reason. Good lucky I thing this is the right place for us.
judicandusMonday 11th of April 2005 07:21:54 PM
Teach english / learn Italian - Hello, I`d like to teach english and learn italian if Possible. I am from Brazil but I lived in Canada for a year. PLease PM me if you`re interested!
newsecrets200515Thursday 14th of April 2005 03:14:36 AM
- I can teach you english I have lived in Canada all my life. Private message me if interested. I would like to learn Italian
Rainbow_BrightMonday 25th of April 2005 06:27:12 PM
English/ Italian - Ciao Bianco,

My name is Amy and I am intereted in learning Italian since I will be moving to Italy next year. I am Canadian and I will help you with your english and grammer if you can help me with my italian.

If you are interested, please message me back.


oviaukkoFriday 24th of June 2005 05:38:07 AM
- this might be a waste of time since you've already gotten a bunch of replies but here goes..

i'm rather fluent in english (lived in the states for a year and am at the top of my class) and i've been learning italian for a year or so already... pero purtroppo io no parlo la lingua bene. not well at all.. yeah... so i'd be happy to learn and teach if help is still needed.

Eagle_2005Monday 27th of June 2005 07:43:32 AM
i can teach English and Latin - i would be willing to teach you english or latin in exchange for italian. i know how to say my name, nationality and where i work. however i don't think that would be counted as being proficient in the language. contact me at