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cilvijaFriday 01st of April 2005 12:59:40 AM
English/Hungarian - Im from Hungary. I can teach hungarian, and i want to learn english. Just send me a message, then we can begin.
newsecrets200515Thursday 14th of April 2005 03:21:28 AM
- your english skills seem alright. Why are you trying to learn more
cilvijaFriday 15th of April 2005 12:56:21 AM
- My grammatic isnt too good. I learned in autodidact mode. I want to speak perfectly in english :)
kimbaFriday 15th of April 2005 05:54:40 AM
- i want to learn hungarian and hopefully, you can help me. i live in the U.S. and I am an english major. your problems with english seem to lie in grammar and mechanics. i can help you wiht both if you can help me get a start learning hungarian
applepie1254Monday 25th of April 2005 07:00:19 AM
help - Hello. My names erika. I live in America and have known English all my life-- and i would be glad to help you in exchange for you teaching me hungarian (sorry about the spelling) my emails: -- bye!