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jvz8aMonday 25th of April 2005 09:45:23 PM
Español - If you need help with Spanish, don't hesitate and drop me a line.:)
I'll be glad to help you.
Hasta pronto
Jess BTuesday 17th of May 2005 10:15:50 AM
Spanish - I would love for you to help me with spanish. send me an email. I look forward to your reply.
PinkertonFriday 20th of May 2005 09:09:44 AM
Yeah, I need practice - I've studied spanish for the past couple years and am just looking for someone to converse with. Necesito practicar. Write me back. Adios
leechum1985Tuesday 07th of June 2005 10:33:01 PM
Catalan - U no spainish anygood at Catalan language i need a bit of help with cheers if not dont worry
jvz8aWednesday 08th of June 2005 02:43:30 AM
- Sorry, leechum, I don't know Catalan.