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saksmax33Thursday 21st of October 2004 02:44:55 AM
Hindi teacher here - Hi,
Well does anyone here want to learn Hindi.I would be more than willing to teach.It would be nice if in return you could teach me a bit of your native language.Intrested people mail me at
BananaHamsterThursday 21st of October 2004 02:51:07 AM
- I am learning Urdu, so if I see you in Classroom, I will hit you up. I can only offer German and Spanish in exchange.
saksmax33Thursday 21st of October 2004 03:07:56 AM
Hallo there - Well,I am learning the basics of both German and Spanish coincidentally.It would be great if you can help me.Also Hindi and Urdu being similar,I can help you quite a bit.Do you have msn or yahoo messenger.Maybe I could talk to you on Instant messenger.Do let me know.
BananaHamsterThursday 21st of October 2004 05:59:16 PM
- Sure - I don't come on to Classroom much but my msn id is in my profile. I sometimes come into Classroom here as well- either way, if you catch me I would like to do some exchange.
thennaSunday 05th of December 2004 05:56:06 PM
Let me learn Hindi - Dear sir,
I like to learn Hindi. I want to learn what is the way for that give some trips.
BLH987Monday 14th of February 2005 10:46:39 AM
Learning - Please, I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd teach me Hindi. I only know some Spanish and my native language is English. I don't really have much to give you in exchange but please if you are interested email me at :D;):)
baklavaFriday 18th of February 2005 06:32:26 PM
- hey there! Is that offer still up for teaching someone Hindi? I'm sorry. I don't know any language other than English.. I'm Indian and I'd really like to learn Hindi. I do know some Kannada and a bit of a couple of South Indian languages if it's any help at all?
neetuFriday 11th of March 2005 12:13:11 AM
- hi i like to learn hindi, and i can help you with spanish.
PamelaSue27Wednesday 16th of March 2005 05:20:01 AM
- I'd like to learn hindi too...I know some french, and my bf is indian, so his parents are always speaking it and have wanted me to learn me :o)