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kuchi_78Tuesday 14th of December 2004 07:18:17 PM
hindi - is anyone interested to learn hindi
balbinaWednesday 15th of December 2004 10:19:19 AM
Hindi - Yes yes yes! i want to learn Hindi
AutumnFriday 17th of December 2004 01:59:43 AM
- me tooooo!!!!!!
KevlarTuesday 21st of December 2004 06:21:11 AM
- Hi. Yes I'm interested. I can read and write pretty well, but I have problems when I try talking. If you could help me out, that'd be great.
saganandFriday 07th of January 2005 12:32:43 PM
Interested in Learning Hindi - Hi, I want to learn Hindi. I know very little. All i need is to speak hindi.
hindibabyMonday 10th of January 2005 08:49:51 AM
Please and thank you! - I am dying to learn Hindi. I know a bit but I am most definitely not fluent. If you could teach me, I would be honoured.
RoohiSaturday 15th of January 2005 11:53:02 AM
- I also can teach You Hindi..!!
IM_TornadoSaturday 29th of January 2005 01:29:11 AM
- Hi.
I would be interested in learning hindi. I can understand the basics but need 2 get practice in trying to speak it.

BlessedByFireThursday 10th of February 2005 02:23:01 AM
I would greatly appreciate it - If you could please teach...But where to begin???
feel free to e mail me aswell.
BLH987Monday 14th of February 2005 09:39:52 AM
Teach Me!!!!!!! - I'd looooooove for you to teach me Hindi! I've always wanted to learn it!!!!!!!! Email me at