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makostesztaMonday 17th of January 2005 05:28:38 PM
Hungarian - Hello,
I'm a native speaker of Hungarian with some experience in teaching Hungarian. I would gladly help anyone in learning this language.
antipasTuesday 18th of January 2005 07:13:34 PM
- I want to learn Hungarian, very very much. Please contact me so we can begin. And thank you.
jassSaturday 22nd of January 2005 05:57:59 AM
- Szervusz,
I've learnt some Hungarian 6 years ago but I haven't practise since. I've even forgotten how to write :( When reading basic Hungarian I can understand some words and recognize the word order but I've forgotten all suffexis and rules etc. Please if you have time help me at least to recover my basic level of Hungarian :)
KayleeSunday 27th of March 2005 10:01:17 AM
learnig Hungarian - I would very much like to learn Hungarian. Please message me. Kiitos!
kimbaFriday 15th of April 2005 06:01:22 AM
- i really would like to learn hungarian so i can go with my boyfriend to his parents house and actually be able to talk to them and understand what they are saying. i also would like to travel with them to hungry next year,so if you could help me it would be greatly appreciated!
cornfedFriday 15th of April 2005 07:07:03 AM
Madyar lessons - Szia Makosteszta!
Why didn't I find this thread sooner? Of course I would love to learn madyar!

BTW - I really appreciate your posts in the Hungarian discuss. Great work. Nagyon szépen köszönöm!