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GrisoWednesday 16th of February 2005 07:02:01 AM
i am seeking a language partner - as the topic says i look for a language partner speaking japanese. I am an italian guy with a very good english, both written and spoken...
See ya!
kuzzywuzzyWednesday 16th of February 2005 07:19:40 AM
- Hey there! Welcome to the discusss!

Please feel free to stop by the Japanese discusss, which are pretty active! There are many helpful people and threads there to help you learn :D

GrisoWednesday 16th of February 2005 07:31:01 AM
- konnichiwa kuzzy-san...
i read carefully tomoka-sensei lessons and i really appreciated them... the only problem is that i need some regularity... with a partner i could keep up pretty easily...
Thanks for the reply though!
arigatou gozaimasu
kuzzywuzzyWednesday 16th of February 2005 10:09:19 AM
- Griso-san,

I understand what you mean. Perhaps you can participate there until you find one, and even then. Any kind of interaction with the language will help, yes? I can't promise you a proper "exchange", but if you have any questions regarding Japanese, feel free to post there or PM me and I would be glad to answer or help you find the answer.