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i-mobileSaturday 04th of December 2004 04:26:49 PM
I am Thai... - I am available to teach but I have only msn to communicate
you guys can teach me you guys languages too ^^'
denodanTuesday 28th of December 2004 05:00:55 PM
I want to learn Thai - I want to learn Thai and have MSN messenger. Just type in and this will put me on your MSN list.
i-mobileWednesday 29th of December 2004 05:21:38 PM
ok I got it - I am already added you see you on msn
Billy the BrittWednesday 12th of January 2005 11:56:07 PM
msm - Hello, i have msm but have never used it. i will find out what i need to and reply again. I went to chaing mai in 2001 and have a friend in chaing rai too.
i-mobileTuesday 25th of January 2005 09:30:12 PM
ahah..^^' - I saw something's new with the webside that's SKYPE
Are there anybody can tell me how is it use..-_-'
so if I know how to use i may talk to anybody wanna learn thai....well, how was you time in Chiangmai?..
Nice to see you..