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KhriayneThursday 04th of November 2004 07:57:15 AM
I can teach you Slovene - Zdravo!
Well, I'm willing to teach you slovene in exchange for just about any language there is (xcept german and english, since I alrdy am fluent enuff in them ;) but if you happen to know only one of them, I shall teach you nontheless).
Just add me in msn ( and drop me a message that you'd like to learn slovene and we'll get u started right away
edleineWednesday 22nd of December 2004 03:15:09 AM
Can you teach me Slovene? - Zivijo,
My name is edleine, and i am from the Philippines. I am interested to learn Slovene. I wish you can have time to teach me.
I hope to hear from you soon.My msn and email add:
Thank you,

sowieeinwunderSunday 06th of February 2005 06:25:34 AM
- I would like to learn Slovene! My native language is English, but I do know a little Chinese (Mandarin dialect). E-mail me if you are still interested in becoming language partners!

My MSN * E-Mail:

Thanks so much!