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lionotSunday 09th of January 2005 03:14:35 PM
i'm seeking a language partner~ - hi ~! i would like to teach you my native language Kazakh and

second language Chinese(mandarin) if you intersted in it and you

can teach me English. I believe our joint effort will bring us

joint success!
eklypzeThursday 27th of January 2005 11:20:42 PM
=D - Hi! I am wanting to learn Mandarin right now, do you think you can help me with that? I will teach you English in exchange... =D If interested please e-mail me at
ronin1986Thursday 10th of February 2005 04:30:43 PM
- hi i am highly interested in kazakh and also beleive i may share my english with you but i must tell you that i havent studied kazakh before if you are interested reply me
BLH987Monday 14th of February 2005 09:46:39 AM
English - My native language is English. I know plenty of it to teach it to you! I've never heard of a language called Kazakh but I guess it wouldn't hurt to learn it. Please email me at if you are interested.
moggsSaturday 23rd of April 2005 12:18:08 AM
Learning Kazakh - Hi Lionot

I'm interested in learning Kazakh but wonder how different it is from Russian. If you could explain this it would be very helpful.

I'm living in the UK and speak fluent English so if I can help, please let me know.