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klemensasTuesday 11th of January 2005 03:00:52 AM
Japanese in Lithuania - I can teach English, Russian and Lithuanian instead of being taught some conversational Japanese. I have been learning by myself, but it is not very good... Sometimes it's necessary to get a "point of view" from outside...
Can anyone help me with Japanese in audio files?
sbrn2005Thursday 17th of February 2005 01:46:14 PM
- I'm not a native speaker of Japanese, but I got my minor in it. I might be able to help you a little. Also, I might be moving to Lithuania next August, so I'd like to know a little about Lithuanian before I go.
QltoWednesday 16th of March 2005 12:47:44 AM
turiu pasiulyma - hey klemensai, kaip suprantu esi lietuviukas. turiu pasiulyma. ash asmenishkai nesidomiu japonu kalba, bet turiu drauge kuri mokosi japonu.galetumet pasidalint patirtimi ar mokytis kartu..nzn...tai jei susidomejai,praneshk.butinai duosiu emaila o gal net mob nr(: