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oviaukkoFriday 24th of June 2005 05:56:11 AM
language exchange? - i'm fluent in english and finnish. i can also teach basics in swedish, italian, spanish, and french.

i'm looking into learning more italian, spanish, and french. i'm really a newbie at portuguese and croatian. any help would be highly appreciated in those two languages.

gunitkaratemastaSaturday 09th of July 2005 08:51:37 AM
- i heard finnish was difficult, but i'm interested in trying to learn. i'm also just starting w/ portuguese, so maybe we can go through and practice together?

YeahCarlSunday 10th of July 2005 06:09:36 AM
partner exchange - I would like to try it out!!! I'm brazilian and I guess I can help you with your Portuguese, if you help me with the languages you know!!!