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oriental_ss2004Saturday 26th of March 2005 05:03:58 PM
Learning Thai - Learn to speak , read and write Thai at all levels. Interested person, please contact me.
LeleSaturday 07th of May 2005 05:45:30 PM
Sawasdee krap!! - Hi! My name is Emanuele, I'm a 27 y.o. guy from Rome, Italy. I love Thailand and Thai people really much and I'm planning to move there for work too, but my knowledge of Thai is really basic (currently learning to write and read and only know some basic conversation) but I am really interested in some serious study. If u are interested in teaching me, pls PM or e-mail me at:
Khob khoon krap!

r3apsSaturday 07th of May 2005 10:35:04 PM
- i also would like to learn to speak thai,i know some basics and want to advance,nay help appreciated contact me at