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renatognMonday 11th of April 2005 08:41:07 AM
Need Portuguse/English? - I need help with japanese. Lets exchange?
luisdfernandesMonday 02nd of May 2005 12:14:57 PM
- im sorry but i cannot help with japanese but i am interested in portuguese. let know if you're willing to help
padmaniniSunday 08th of May 2005 08:16:53 PM
- [quote]Originally posted by renatogn

I need help with japanese. Lets exchange?[/quote]
eri_88Monday 09th of May 2005 03:01:22 AM
- HELLO people!!!

i'm really interested in learning japanese and PORTUGEUSE :) over the summer using the Classroomroom here and i've been trying to get japanese-speakers to it would be great if you can help me...just send me a pm or write to me at

i'll let you know as soon as i can recruit some japanese teachers and set up Classroomroom study sessions

if it works out we can start in June (when i'm out of school for summer'll be easier to study then)

and just in case i don't manage to get japanese teachers, would you be willing to help me in portugeuse? i can only offer spanish and english (which you already know)


ductruffeFriday 10th of June 2005 05:23:17 PM
- I can offer to teach some Japanese. Just ADD me to MSN (make sure you identify yourself) or send me an email at

If you could teach me some portugese, that would be great,