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mnm123Tuesday 18th of January 2005 12:53:17 AM
regarding nepali learning - hi anya,
i was there on the Classroom room aswell and i tried to get u there but couldn't nad nikki told me that u wanted to learn nepali so i thought maybe i could help but in return u could teach me some russian. let me know when u can Classroom my email id is
ok take care.
AnyaTuesday 18th of January 2005 03:12:54 AM
- Namaste!
Dhanyabad for your offer! I'm sorry that I didn't see the invitation to Classroomroom. :-/
I think it would be amazing to exchange languages.
I look forward to talking with you in both Russian and Nepali!

Talk with you soon :)

(thank you Nikii for the connection!)
mnm123Tuesday 18th of January 2005 08:30:21 AM
nice to hear your reply - HI anya ,
i don't know how to say namaste in russian hope i will learn soon thesedays and abl;e to say to you. ANyway it was nice to hear from you and hope to Classroom with you on the site. Bye and take care.
UlvenTuesday 18th of January 2005 09:15:51 PM
- Namaste, mnm123!
Maybe you mean the literal spiritual definition of 'namaste'?:) (In which case, I'll crawl into my hole, because I don't speak Russian, nor Hindi for that matter). But, if it's just the 'hello' and the 'goodbye' greetings that you mean-

First the hard way- "zdravstvutye" (the most difficult 'hello' on earth)

The easy way- "privyet" (very commonly used, on the internet at least)

BYE- da svidanya

*I'm only a 'general phrase' and 'cyrillic letter pronunciator' Russian speaker, so don't set your clock to my pronuciation. lol:)

So, given that Anya greeted you with 'namaste' and 'dhanyabad' and that you didn't correct her, does that mean that Nepali is related to Hindi, and has many shared vocabulary? I never new Nepali was that similar to Hindi. Or were you, Anya, just using Hindi because you didn't yet know the Nepali? (I'd find that hard to believe. I get the impression you know what you're doing with Nepali greetings). Even though I thought Nepali and Hindi weren't that similar, I do presume that Nepalese speak Hindi very well. Is that true?

AnyaWednesday 19th of January 2005 12:14:38 AM
- Namaste Ulven
Great post!

I am studying Nepali, however I am working on Hindi vocabulary as well. They are quite similar in a few ways, specifically: both are written in Devanagari and share a lot of word roots.

That said, when I went to try to read Hindi poetry, I was stuck! Also in my desperation to find a Nepali dictionary, I took a Hindi dictionary out so that I could at least practice reading 'Nagari, and unfortunately not much of what I was reading made sense (the dictionary was mediocre for poetic Hindi to add on top of that).

I do know that as you go East in the Himalayas, there is a trend of changing a 'v' to a 'b' so for instance in Hindi 'thank you' would be 'dhanyavad' whereas in Nepali it is a distinct 'dhanyabad'.

In terms of common roots, it almost seems like Nepali words are Hindi words with elaborate suffixes, and at times the other way around. For instance in Nepali the word 'eye' is akha, whereas in Hindi it is akh. There are many more examples, but I'm missing a good dictionary for either language to really delve into this.

I find it fascinating and also know that it will be helpful when trying to communicate with patients in the Himalayan region. I just need to be flexible (but at the same time meticulous) about associating vocabulary for each language.