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mitaThursday 10th of February 2005 09:15:05 PM
Serbian,Croatian,Bosnian for everybody - These 3 languages are practicly the same! There is some difrentcess but if you learn one of those you can speak other two with 90% acurency. So if some one is interested i've be more then happy to help.
MarajaThursday 10th of February 2005 11:58:32 PM
- Zdravo! I've been wanting/trying to learn Croatian (or Serbian/Bosnian, doesn't matter) for quite some time, and I still want to learn it. :) Yeah.
mitaFriday 11th of February 2005 04:06:35 AM
Zdravo Maraja! - Hi Maraja! My name is Srdjan but everybody call me Mita! I'm glade that you are interested to learn these languages and i will help you to learn it.Write me on
Zdravo do sledeceg puta! :)
TanjaThursday 10th of March 2005 06:08:13 AM
I want to learn Croatian - Zdravo Mita,
Kako si? I am interested in learning Croatian. I have a basic vocabulary (I know colors, numbers, greetings, and other things)But I don't know verbs and how to conjugate them. My e-mail is Please write if you can help. Hvala, Tanja
frankbirdsWednesday 16th of March 2005 03:36:01 AM
- Hi Mita. Kako si.
I am a half croat/half kiwi that wants to learn to speak serbo-croatian. I lived in former Yugoslavia when I was young but have forgotten almost everything. If you could help me that would be awesome.

Hvala, ciao
Freak On A LeashWednesday 16th of March 2005 02:39:52 PM
Hey Hey! I wanna learn Croatian, Please help! - Hey my name is Ruby!
I wanna Learn Croation, If any one can help could they please drop me a line at..
Um.. I also have msn if you have it you may add me! :P
lina17Monday 21st of March 2005 10:18:46 PM
I would love to talk to you in Serbian - Zdravo Mita! I would like to talk to you in Serbian, I have learnt it for a year, I also have some friends from all the former Yugoslavia, but we do not talk much. :)
wanda_45Tuesday 22nd of March 2005 09:16:17 AM
dj_chickTuesday 22nd of March 2005 09:25:22 AM
croatian - Hi Mita! I'm really interested in learning Croatian. I'm working on learning the alphabet and some basic words/phrases from the Croatian discuss. Please e-mail me if you are willing to help me.

HeavenzRoseTuesday 05th of April 2005 07:49:52 AM
Croatian!! - Zdravo! I love learning languages and right now I am anxious to learn Croatian. I am new to this site and I would appreciate it soooo much if you could help me! I just started learning. Please contact me, thank you so much. My email is:
oviaukkoFriday 24th of June 2005 05:45:43 AM
- you're probably already so busy that you won't have the time and since i'm only a bit interested in croatian i don't know if you wanna take the time to teach it to me. but i'd be very excited if you did and i only wish to learn the basics at this point. haven't got time for anything else, really.