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UlenspiegelFriday 24th of December 2004 04:47:58 PM
Ukrainian? Russian? - I am a Ukrainian. Write me if you wanna learn Ukrainain or Russian (both I know very well).
JezMonday 03rd of January 2005 09:34:19 PM
- Hello! I would really like to learn Russian. If you could help me get started and teach me, that would be great. It may be hard online though, because my computer does not support russian characters, but im sure it's possible. Feel free to IM me sometime.
tylersharkTuesday 04th of January 2005 06:54:56 AM
- Hi I would like to learn Russien.
KirgyMonday 10th of January 2005 09:46:54 PM
- me too
chadder509Wednesday 29th of June 2005 07:26:48 AM
- Hi! I would love to learn Ukrainian. My AIM is Chadder509 and my email address is