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dawn lorraineSaturday 21st of May 2005 10:14:51 AM
Want to learn Romanian - I can teach English and Tagalog. I want to learn Romanian and French or any other language in exchange for teaching English and Tagalog
VasiMBSunday 12th of June 2005 11:21:46 PM
- Hi !

My name is Vasi, I`m a medical student from Romania.

I would like to improve my English because this summer I will go to the USA.

If you can help me, just contact me:
YM: vasilemihaibota
Skype: vasilemihaibota
dawn lorraineWednesday 15th of June 2005 05:38:57 PM
- Hello there:) I guess we can help each other. You already have my email adress, right? Looking forward to teaching and learning from you:)
I heart JesusSaturday 09th of July 2005 06:50:03 AM
- hey um, hope im not being to intrucive(spelling) but im going to romania next year for like a month and i would love to learn romanian