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TristaMonday 10th of January 2005 04:48:55 PM
Are you just starting Latin? Look here for help. - Hey, For those of you who are just starting Latin, I created a website that has exercises and lessons for you to look at, feel free to drop by if interested.
BritaMonday 10th of January 2005 06:35:54 PM
- nifty, thanks!!

could you put the emphasised syllable in caps, or something?

hehe i like the rule: "latin is not boring"

is there going to be more? if so, looking forward to it :)
TristaTuesday 11th of January 2005 03:35:08 PM
Up and coming! - Yes, there will be more as I learn it myself, I try to update the site daily. *thinks hard* Anyway, guess I forgot to add in the rules, that the second to last syllable is always emphasised-in a word with two syllables that would be the first syllable. :)