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morprussellWednesday 25th of May 2005 05:50:35 AM
Do you want help with Latin? - Then check out this site. I'm not learning Latin, but the site looks good. You can download entire textbooks in PDF format.
akaalikoWednesday 25th of May 2005 07:57:26 AM
- nice site i have seen it before but as the beginner i am i did not find it very useful
some of it feels far too much like school
plus it only helps to a certain degree with pronunciation and little or none with listening skills

this is a somewhat more relaxed
i have just started these
plus this guy grote has a lot of stuff that goes more in depth that wheelock (which i still have only seen one chapter of and found it to be inadequate - which left me wondering why it is so popular)

thankyou morprussell
waya67Thursday 02nd of June 2005 07:51:24 AM
- thanks, these sites with both help me a lot