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yoop72Friday 10th of September 2004 04:24:58 AM
Hi - Hi all. I am trying to learn Latin and Mandarin. I'm lucky in that I work with someone who speaks Mandarin so this should make it easy, however, no one around here speaks Latin. All my books on Latin take the 'bottom-up' approach so I hope some Latin speakers out there can help me?


TristaMonday 10th of January 2005 05:10:47 PM
Latin for Americans - I don't know if you have found any help yet, but on the offchance you have't and still need a bit of a push, I would suggest the book Latin for Americans first book. It does not take the bottom up approach, and has lessons and exercises in the book to help you. Though it lacks a few things that my current teacher thinks it needs, it at least has the most important things, since it hasn't been revised for almost a decade.
Monday 31st of January 2005 06:38:28 PM
- Latin, being a very inflicted language, cannot be learned well except from the bottom up. That said, bonum ludum!