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StripeSunday 22nd of May 2005 08:32:22 PM
MUST LEARN LATIN!!! - please please please!
StripeSunday 22nd of May 2005 08:33:18 PM
- i will teach you some french in return.........or watever
StripeSunday 22nd of May 2005 08:35:20 PM
- email me....
akaalikoMonday 23rd of May 2005 06:27:29 PM
- hi all
im new to learning latin also
is is pretty interesting so far
i speak english (bad english) so i am really taking notice of some things that did not make sense to me before

i was terrible at grammar and stuff so ive started to pick up my act now

i am good at listening and picking out similar things or patterns in languages
i want to learn many but i am doing latin first after little dabbles in german and a tiny amount of italian

i want to also learn tibetan and arabic and sanskrit one day but i think that i have enough of a load considering im about to start university

i will be doing latin so i want to get a great start
i am a hard studier when it comes to it

would someone please be able to give me some pointers and some info on this site if possible to get me on the wavelength
thanx very much in advance for any help