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LeleSunday 08th of May 2005 12:52:07 PM
Need help on Latin? - Hi everybody!
I'm an Italian guy from Rome, and just like the majority of Italian students, I learnt Latin at hi school. Whoever is interested in getting some help in Latin, or in knowing more about Roman culture and history, please feel free to contact me!
Valete Omnes!

akaalikoTuesday 24th of May 2005 10:22:56 PM
- Hi there Lele!
I would be most thankfull in taking you up on that offer

I'm from australia and did a small amount german and italian in school but not enough for conversation. I know bits and pieces in vocabulary.

So i have decided to go to Uni and learn Latin. I start next year around.

perhaps u can help me with that once my Latin is ok

please do send me a message and give me some info
one question - u are italian - how does this effect your Latin? do you speak ecclesiastical Latin or classical latin that sounds somewhat Italian? or just plain classical sounding?

I am also doing classics at Uni starting in the middle of the year and then ancient history so the culture and history side interests me greatly

my intellectual hero is an italian - Leonardo of Vinci
and i have dalmatian coast family history
which is closer to croat but anyway

perhaps we could have some interesting conversations
i think i could learn much from u
hey u may even learn something from me!!
LeleThursday 26th of May 2005 12:45:20 PM
- Hi! I'm really happy to provide some help on latin!
The latin I know is the classical one, that is the one normally taught in high schools and university, because is the one that is useful for the comprehension of the classic authours.

Even if it sounds so similar to Italian, Latin is completely different. Italian has just inherited the "roots" of the words, while both the morphologic and the syntactic structures are different.

Just to give an example, Latin expresses the different complements thru cases, while Italian uses some periphrases with prepositions. As for syntax, the phrase structure in Latin is far less flexible (but this eases traslation) and often in complex phrases the verb of the main sentence is put at the end off all (similarly to what happens in German).

I hope this 1st brief post has given u some info to start from, but I am always available for answering any other question u may wish to ask...

Have a great day!!
akaalikoThursday 26th of May 2005 09:07:00 PM
- yes somewhat thankyou
but there is one problem
i have always been terrible at grammar and i am trying to get my head around it

grammar terms always lead to more grammar terms so i find it hard to learn

show me and tell me parts and what they are and i will learn very well

maybe we can Classroom sometime

i like how german needs to be listened to
butting in half-way through is jumping the gun

i have a nice book
it will be some time before i am very conversational but i am very happy to learn this
talk to you sometime :)
deepdarkdoomMonday 27th of June 2005 11:31:29 PM
- I could always use some help, so I guess I'll contact you. Everyone tells me not to take Latin because it's a dead language and it won't come in handy. However, I think it is the key to most languages. Latin is harder to learn than other languages because you rarely find people discussing things in latin, there are no tv shows in latin, and you can't go to another country to help you learn latin.