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KeeraSaturday 15th of January 2005 09:28:57 AM
query - latin - i have a really quick and simple question - is the word AUDEO latin for 'I dare', and if so, how do you pronounce it. (i came across this term while researching for a philosophy paper - any information would be hugely appreciated!)
xox Keera
HyacinthGardenSaturday 15th of January 2005 10:25:11 AM
- I'm not SURE about the meaning, but I think it just means "dare". And I'm pretty sure it's pronounced "Ah-dee-oh", though I'm not sure which syllable the emphasis would be on.
Saturday 15th of January 2005 12:44:55 PM
- OW-day-o
HanaSaturday 15th of January 2005 04:52:24 PM
Well I suppose it should be: - A-w-de-o ('de' read like in dentist)... tried my best.. TAKE CARE
KeeraSunday 16th of January 2005 12:06:53 PM
- thanks :)
gvwSunday 16th of January 2005 03:46:59 PM
- audeo can be translated as to dare but it's not the only meaning.. audeo is the form for 1. person Sg. Infinitive would be audere and the past form ausus sum. The accent goes to the second syllable.
I know that the sound is quite similar.. but the "u" sound is pronounced as "u" in butcher or "oo" in good rather.. not as w in f.e. "walk". Remember that the o sound is a short not long vowel.
There is also simmilar verb audio which can lead you astray. It means to hear/listen to. Again audio is the form for the 1. person Sg. Audire - infinitive.

AshleeWednesday 09th of March 2005 01:07:05 PM
- The classical pronunciation of the diphthong 'au' is 'ow'
majorshakeWednesday 30th of March 2005 01:10:12 PM
- Ashlee's correct. Au = ow.

Audeo = Ow-day-oh.

This is a rough pronunciation guide. The "de" is not quite like "day." Shorten it up so that it is between "deh" and "day."