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bjsolbergMonday 27th of September 2004 05:56:28 AM
Teach Me Latin Please! - Hello, I need some assistance in finding resources or a person to help teach me latin. I don't learn well with just reading a text book but if someone can take me by the hand I would apprecieate your help.
AshleeMonday 27th of September 2004 12:33:52 PM
Latin - Latin's not usually the kind of thing you'll find tapes for because we don't actually know how it was pronounced. Your best bet is to find some good text books, a latin - english - latin (two way) dictionary, and a grammar book for reference if you can find one. If money isn't a problem I'd consider getting something like Rosetta Stone language learning software ( ). I've only just begun Latin myself, so unfortunately I can't help you; I'd probably just confuse you and tell you the wrong things =P
bjsolbergMonday 27th of September 2004 09:24:28 PM
Thanks - I have been considering rosetta stone or Latin Now! I've ordered a couple of books so we will see how it goes.

TristaTuesday 11th of January 2005 08:01:44 AM
Help with the Latin... - Though it might be hard to actually "here" latin spoken, I would stongly suggest you just go to a local teacher of Latin, maybe at a highschool or college, and ask for tutoring, or likewise, just ask a student taking latin. The programs might also help, but if you are kinesthetic or audio like me you need someone to actually speak to you in Latin. If you want you can also go to the site I started to help those of us wanting to learn Latin as a group at