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Bruce B.Monday 19th of July 2004 12:05:33 PM
this time i need help - 'aspectus' is a masc noun which means basically 'look, sight, glance, appearance, countenence, etc. to help a business associate, i need to know if it has any other connotations, especially negative ones. put another way, what other uses are there for the word, either in american or other cultures? are there subtle shades of meaning? any and all insights or opinions are helpful. this is time-sensitive. need to know in 48 hrs. not asking much, eh. thanks, group. you're the best.
bambiMonday 19th of July 2004 10:42:48 PM
- I looked it up in my dictionary, and I'd say it has no negative shades on its own.. It seems its only meanings are:

1. the action of looking
2. the sense of sight
3. appearence, aspect
4. view (but it's not a common one)

otherwise you could also consider it as the past participle of aspicio, but I guess that wouldn't change much...
Bruce B.Tuesday 20th of July 2004 10:12:04 PM
grazie mille - thanks, bambi. that helped. my own search turned up nothing negative. it's either neutral or positive. one commentator defined the expression 'aspectus principales' as 'one and the same higher reason looking at things in different ways.
in isaiah 53:2 it translates a hebrew word meaning 'of stately form or bearing'. while it's not said to mean glorious, it contrasted with reproachful in one old text. many aspects, eh?
AnyaThursday 23rd of September 2004 08:22:30 AM
- I know this is way past 48 hours, but just came across your posts. Interesting!
Aspectus is past participle of aspicio which means:
1. to catch sight of
2. to spot
3. to inspect
4. to look (a person) in the eye
5. to consider
6. to picture

None of those apparently have negative connotations. One bit of insight that may or may not be useful is that in Russian when someone says "to look one in the eyes" depending on the context it could mean "to see if the person is being truthful" or as an afterthought someone could say "I wish I could look them in the eyes" which means to confront about something.
I don't know, maybe this will be helpful for someone!
I like latin :)